About Sound Practice


What is Sound Practice?

Sound Practice is an online library of peer shared resources that aims to support provision of adult hearing rehabilitation.

Efficiency, Effectiveness and Experience

Sound Practice helps hearing service providers and practitioners (i.e., audiologists, speech and language therapists, hearing therapists) explore approaches to service delivery and clinical practice around the themes of efficiency, effectiveness and experience.

Free to Access

Sound Practice is a free and easily accessible forum for sharing of ideas that you may want to consider implementing in your service. Users can search for approaches and interventions by benefit, demographics, clinical area, service model and setting.

Improvement & Innovation

Sound Practice encourages submissions from individuals with an interest in adult hearing rehabilitation.  We would like to invite submission for anything that has led to an improvement or innovation to your service. Interdisciplinary submissions are encouraged.

Key Points when using Sound Practice:

  • Sound Practice is limited to adult hearing rehabilitation for now.
  • It is a forum for sharing ideas to support the decisions you might make about the services you deliver.
  • The review process does not assess the validity or reliability of the intervention nor does it assess the evidence base behind the idea/intervention.
  • Sound Practice is a live, interactive resource that will be continuously updated. You are encouraged to participate by adding comments to the feedback section associated with each idea.
  • Any practitioner views presented on the site in reference to specific ideas and interventions are solely their own and not those of BSA.
  • Evidence about what has worked for others offers no guarantee that an approach will work in all circumstances; you are encouraged to critically appraise all details of each idea or intervention and weigh up its benefits for your service.
  • Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given, no legal responsibility is accepted for any errors, omissions or misleading statements.
  • Sound Practice includes reference to a range of research and publications of third parties. Sound Practice is reporting on information available in the public domain, but is not responsible for, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the original publications or related material. As part of the submission process, submitters are responsible to gain the appropriate permissions for the release of documents into the public domain.
  • Users are encouraged, as they would with all research, to read with a critical eye.

Overseen by BSA's Adult Rehabilitation Interest Group (ARIG)

Sound Practice is maintained and further developed by the British Society of Audiology’s (BSA) Adult Rehabilitation Interest Group (ARIG). This group ensures that Sound Practice remains as up-to-date as possible.  Processes have been developed to make the submission and review process as easy and as transparent as possible. For more information please contact: bsaarig@gmail.com